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tv   ABC7 News Inside Bay Area Weather  ABC  January 27, 2013 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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l. let them kick it out to durant. >> mike: meanwhile, he has a decision to make, put dwight howard back in with five fouls? he did. >> jeff: it's a difficult decision because it's not just about this game. but it's about trying to find this guy figure forward. and i find it's the right decision. from a defense rebounding standpoint. >> mike: bryant, nash, gasol, howard, and world peace. shot clock at seven. bryant, gasol looking for bryant, three to shoot, puts it up. way short. coming up on two minutes remaining. deandre liggins, westbrook, off the mark again. 6 for 22 now.
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what a victory this would be for the lakers as they try to keep that consistency going. bryant inside, left-handed, lays it in. and the lead back up to six. >> jeff: that is very close to a five-second call on the vacuum. he had that ball in his hands, back to the basket below the free-throw line. a very, very long time. >> mike: world peace getting aggressive. durant draws a foul. world peace just a little overaggressive. durant will shoot two free-throws. world peace is always going to body up. durant does a good job going in to the contact and earning his way to the free-throw line.
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>> mike: 42, 36, and now 34 and counting in the three games against the lakers this year. unbelievable high percentage. that's why he's leading the league in scoring right now. been on a terrific tear during this road trip, longest one of the season for the thunder, sixth and final game of the trip. they're in a real battle. sefolosha back on bryant. five to shoot. bryant drives past him. finds gasol, and it's through. gorgeous feed from kobe bryant. second consecutive game with 14 assists and the thunder call time-out. >> jeff: every time he's driven baseline, he's found somebody at the spot.
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gasol, a well-timed cut. drivers the baseline. as the help comes, gasol follows to the rim and puts the lakers up six. ves me snickers peanut butter squared and i eat it. it's snickers with creamy peanut bututt, would you like one? let's just keep an open mind. [ groans ] [ male announcer ] if you like peanut butter and chocolate, you'll love peanut butter and snickers. try snickers peanut butter squared.
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>> mike: espn's nba wednesday at 8:00 as the heat and the brooklyn nets, followed by the lakers and phoenix. doubleheader on wednesday on espn. 1:09 remaining in the fourth. kobe bryant has 14 assists. lakers up by six. see both teams with multiple time-outs. oklahoma city has a foul to give. durant, knocked away, picked up by westbrook. westbrook on the drive. fouled.
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westbrook receives free-throws with exactly a minute remaining. world peace's third foul. >> jeff: westbrook drivers, good position, westbrook looks like he got that ball. >> mike: the other one they didn't call. this one, his hands reaching in and westbrook takes advantage of the free-throw. he's had a bizarre game. 6 of 22 from the field. 13 assists and nine rebounds. that's going to be a good miss right there. bryant, four to shoot. puts it up, puts it in.
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seven-point lead. >> jeff: great use of the crossover dribble to create space. >> mike: durant, tipped by world peace. picked up by the lakers and durant fouled world peace. with 31 seconds to go and a foul to give, but now the lakers will in-bound. >> jeff: great offense against a terrific defender. the crossover dribble, little space and separation. the balance and knocks it in. >> mike: hean in the crowd on their feet. they want to celebrate as westbrook fouls nash. the thunder players were talking about, they didn't want to give the lakers any kind of momentum. this is a turn around game. and obviously only a couple of
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games, utah, tonight, or this afternoon here against the team with the best record in the nba. this could be a huge boost for the lakers. >> jeff: it should build the confidence that if we play right and we all commit to the team first, we're going to play good basketball. and then we're going to have some great nights and maybe some nights that we lose, but we can't question whether we should play unselfishly and together. >> mike: best free-throw shooter in the history of the nba knocks down a couple, which equals the largest lead of the game. nine-point advantage, lakers with 30 seconds to go. jumped out of a plane. finally, i became a ping pong master while recording my debut album. how you ask? with 5-hour energy.
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i get hours of energy now -- no crash later. wait to see the next five hours. >> mike: kobe bryant with another 14-assist game, back to back. still with a big bucket down the stretch, in the final minute, bryant now 8 of 12 from the field. 21 points to go with 14 assists. and the lakers right now with a nine-point cushion with a half minute to go. durant, drivers. ball deflected. touched the baseline. thunder will in-bound once again. durant with 35 points on a night
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where he's shooting his normal percentage. right now his team looks like they'll come up short. durant inside. picked up by world peace. and the laker fans starting to celebrate. what a start, and a standing ovation here at the staples center. a superb performance from kobe bryant, second straight game, 14 assists. the final score, the lakers 105, and the thunder, 96. for jeff van gundy, lisa salters, the producer, the director and our outstanding abc crew, mike breen saying come out
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where you can find all the resources and tips you need to be prepared. visit and learn how you can keep you and your family safe. >> climate change seems to have come upon us so suddenly.
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even though scientists were telling us 40 years ago we could expect the kinds of extreme weather conditions we have seen globally in the last five to ten years. it was almost four years ago, what human beings are put go into the atmosphere we can expect these climate patterns. we are seeing higher global temperatures year after year. we are seeing more frequent and extreme storms. >> being a communicator, you want to be fair and open, you don't want to worry people or steer people. you know people are smart. they know about their weather and climate. they know that it is changing. >> certainly i think on a global scale we have seen temperatures rising over the past few
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decades. the numbers are there. there are observations that these things are occurring. the way we live our lives will change. we see it when we do the news reports about water rationing. it will change the way we live. we may more to keep our houses comfortable. people living on hills, you may not be able to build there anymore. people living in low-lying areas the government may say its floodplain, little things and big things is how the weather is going to change our lives over the next generation, let's say. ♪ ♪ >> i could go on and on technince i started weather over 40 years ago. >> i'm spencer christian. >> when i first did the weather in 1972, we had a plex si covered glass map in the studio. i had a grease pencil and i drew
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the symbols and drew snowflakes. then we got into something else, that allows a person to stand in front of a screen but all the images you see at home is somehow superimposed and transmitted. >> it's been the advent of the computer that has made our job better in the sense we are forecasting better, in the sense we can see things longer out, but also raised expectations and made it harder in that respect. everybody expects you work with computer modems, aren't they perfect? no, not really but they are getting better. these weather computer models that have algorithms, we can't do them by hand. it takes a super computer three
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hours to crunch a forecast. you try doing that by hand or old computers. they also have helped us display what we know in a way that makes sense to everybody at home. >> live doppler 7-hd is a critical part of our storyelling telling, our weather forecasting where is the rain now and where is it going. it can pick up moisture. >> basically sat satellite technology and radar technology has given us the ability to provide accurate forecasts, to go from three-day forecasts to seven-day forecasts. >> doppler radar is a huge tool in the arsenal of meteorologists not just by us but even the media the people at kgo. their doppler radar is a very important tool. >> i saw something on our doppler that indicated there was a real strong cell, the
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potential where it looked a little bit concerning. this is isn't something we see very often. literally, severe thunderstorm warning and tornado warning has been issued for santa clara county including the city of morgan hill. >> when you see a tornado on live doppler 7-hd you can see the wind moving in opposite directions moving right next to each other. the old radars you had to look at the hook and looking at precipitation shield as a hole. by the thing it makes a hook echo it's already too late you have missed the lead time to warn people. >> one of the most important parts of my job is to warn the public of up coming danger. >> our system is so sensitive it does it better than any system out there. >> still could to come, what role can you play in forecasting. see how soc radio radio is chang
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the way we stay informed about bay area w
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do you have a great weather shot of the bay area? send it to ureport. we'll feature it on our newscast or our website. for details.
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we know that weather plays a huge role in people's lives but i didn't have any idea how social media was so powerful. until we had one storm hit and i was amazed how much how many people respond order facebook and twitter. our viewers are the eyes and ears of what is happening out there. >> it's very touching to know that people who watch us do what we do make a personal connection with us. >> i love social media because it's so interactive. now anybody can get on twitter and facebook and do pictures of weather that is happening. the radar can show you what is going on in the clouds and fog in the clouds but people out there seeing it, taking the pictures and telling me what is happening is just another layer of protection.
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>> the weather experience, you come to learn when you have a cut off low, it does have a mind of its own. >> you have to remember what happened in the past and take that into consideration. oftentimes you do have bh get of that gutted feeling. >> i was in little rock, arkansas. one day we had 52 tornadoes in the middle of january. grandmother was baby sitting her granddaughter and getting ready to watch the news. i was listening to the ham radio operators and sky warners. i got on the air and told it where it was going. she grabbed the granddaughter and went into the hallway and got down and prepared for the tornado to come. about 20 or 30 seconds that updated, a tree fell right on the living room where the granddaughter was.
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>> i love the fact that i'm reporting on one topic that has such profound effect on people's lives. its responsibility that i take seriously. we do much better job than when i got in the business years ago. we do a much better job just decades ago. accuracy people strive for. we don't want to miss a forecast. we don't want to say it's going to rain half an inch and and coe sprinkles and you cancelled your plans. we don't want that as much as you don't want that. you lose your credibility. >> i think the public, they see us on tv for such a short amount of time. they don't actually realize how much time it takes to put together that minute 30 or two minute weather slotted.
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>> i wanted to make sure i give you the information that you can use, whether it's just information or dressing your kids the right way. whether it's not going up to to tahoe because you'll have an eight-hour drive. i want to give you information
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ús claire: today on food for thought, we're going vintage. i'm creating updated versions of some of my favorite old recipes, and i have a very special guest to help me make what my family calls tina's crackle cake. stay tuned. ♪ music
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claire: i am so excited to be cooking some of my updated vintage recipes today, and this one is fabulous. it's chicken paprika, and it's a really hearty, homey dish with some wonderful flavors. this is actually a traditional hungarian recipe known as paprikash, and it pops up in basically every cookbook i have from the fifties, and i've been dying to try it. this is so delicious, really hearty, really homey, and has wonderful flavors. so, to start, i have my chicken, which i've patted dry, because i want a really crispy skin. i'm just going to add some salt and pepper. and i'll season the other side while it's cooking. and i have a heavy-bottomed cast iron pot here heating up, and i'm not going to be fully cooking my chicken


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